Internet Safety: Presentation Projects

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Presentation Rubric
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7-8 Students demonstrate excellent technical skills. Slides not only list findings but also outline them while creating visuals that correlate with findings. Final presentation functions as intended and is presented appropriately. Explains changes made from planning chart and applied to final presentation. 5-6 Students demonstrate competent technical skills. They create slides that list their findings on Internet Safety and take into consideration of the audience and use a variety of visuals. Slides flow appropriately during the presentation and shows changes from original planning chart. 3-4 While creating the presentation students demonstrates satisfactory technical skills. Individual slides include findings and adequately present these to the audience. States changes that have been made to better their presentation from their original planning chart. 1-2 While creating their presentation student demonstrates minimal technical skills. Their slides are created poorly and are incomplete. Overall presentation is hard to follow and obtain relevant info.
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100.0 pts
Total Points: 100.0 out of 100.0