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Sec. A Rubric
Sec. A Rubric
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7-8 Students not only explain their findings on Internet Safety, but also justifies why Internet Safety is relevant issue in todays world. They state, prioritize, and describe their findings in a design brief that can easily be followed. 5-6 Students explain in detail their findings on Internet Safety. Students are able to state and prioritize their findings on why Internet Safety is relevant to them as an individual. Students develop a design brief outlining key points of their research. 3-4 Students outline their findings on Internet Safety in a way that states why they need to develop a presentation to stay safe while using technology. 1-2 Student states main reasons why Internet Safety is relevant. Student states some of the main findings of Internet Safety done through their individual research.
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100.0 pts
Total Points: 100.0 out of 100.0